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HTC Desire - Web Browser benchmark

Here some benchmarks and "real world" tests of the Webkit-based Android Web Browser
V8 61.9
HTML5test.com 118/160
Acid3 93/100
Animation Benchmark (here)
html 5 fps
canvas 8 fps
svg N/A
flash 14 fps
Canopy (here)
It runs quite smooth
It works on Dolphin Browser because it can set "Desktop" as user-agent or you can try the Facebook App. The chat is broken but you can access it via Meebo IM App
It works thanks to the Flash Lite plugin.
Partially work. Some videos don't load with Flash lite
Google Reader
The mobile/iphone version works


Some limitations are due to the missing emulation of a mouse pointer. Some events like "Drag 'n' Drop" are not recognized so the page loads fine but then you can't interact.
Even complex web pages with popups are quite usable.
(Alice, an italian free SMS Provider. The overlay window isn't zoomable)