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iOS 8.0 Safari mobile Web benchmarks on iPad2

Many developers aren't interested to Apple's "new fluffy colorful things" but the web browser improvements. Here is an unofficial list about what has changed in Safari on iOS8 (*).

So let's do some benchmarks, to test WebGL performance and the rest.

Web standard support: html5test

Score: 438
The most known benchmark to test the current web possibilities.

WebGL 3D performance: aquarium

Fps: 20 (with 10 fishes)
A simple WebGL demo by Google, the newer iPad should have much better results

Canvas 2D performance: fishbowl

Fps: 9 (with 250 fishes and water/sound disabled)
This is a demo from Microsoft


General javascript performance: v8 v5

score: 1316 (it's increased of ~100points after the upgrade from iOS 7.1 )

The v8 benchmark is old and it works everywhere, the new Octane 2 and 1 crashed on iOS8 on iPad2.

In conclusion I can say that the web stuff has improved in iOS 8 but if you have other tablets please share your results in the comment!

(*) Personally I don't see the "upload bug" because I can upload files via web browser on iOS 8.