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Meteor Italia Meeting 2014 Report and slides

The italian MeteorDay event is over, 43 of 73 people registered actually were present. The main aim of this event was to consolidate the italian MeteorJS community and attract new people.

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Some Meteor Italia stats and numbers

The map shows were the partecipants come from (tnx Eventbrite), while the single visits to the website come from Torino, Milano and Roma (Torino is bigger than the sum of the 2 other cities).

About 30% knew the event from blogs, meetup or friends, and to the question “Will You use Meteor for your next project?” we got these results

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31.6% Yes, I already use it
36.8% Yes
21.1% Maybe
5.3%  No, there are better alternatives or it doen't apply to my context

The charts are generated via Meteor Hackerpoll, we also used it to distribuite the Meteor t-shirts to who answered faster and correctly to the quiz :)

Last but not least, 2 italian companies were there also to hire 2 MeteorJS developers.

The website http://meteor-italia.github.io has been updated with slides (in English).