Almost Android 4.x with Firefox Mobile 16 (Nighly)

An alternative to Android 4.x lagginess on 2.x Abandonware Androids is to keep Android 2.3.7 (which is currently more optimized for these devices) and mimic some Android 4.x niceties like swipe to close notifications, Music Player,..

A ROM which blends all these features is MildWild based on Cyanogenmod 7 (CM9 is based on Android 4), Chrome browser can't be installed here but a browser with similar features is almost avalaible: Firefox Mobile 16 (Nighly).
Here is a video test of Firefox Mobile (Nighly) vs Webkit on Android 2.x

If You missed it, another comparison with Chrome Mobile vs Webkit on Android 4.0.4 (unofficial). It seems Firefox Mobile will be the unique "modern browser" avalaible on Android 2.x and the GUI is very usable.