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Fedora 20 review: the things I don't like

The first GNU/Linux distro i tried was RedHat 4, now with Fedora 20 I decided to try an RPM distro again.

Gnome 3.x on Fedora 20, it can be tweaked like Elementary OS but it waste 150Mb of RAM more than EoS.

The good

  • Fedora and RedHat are an important piece of the Linux and Open Source development because they provide a more mainstream experience of the Linux Operative System.
  • Docker and Fedora collaboration.
  • Pure(tm) GNOME Desktop distribution, with gnome-tweaks-tool (to be installed) and good clear and dark themes.

The bad

  • I like to install Linux without /boot and /swap as separate partition and LVM, I did it via Anaconda installer and the process went fine, but then I got an unbootable system :( I tried different combinations then I gave up: default installation on LVM and it worked.
  • I choose italian language in the installer and I got russian language by default.
  • Yum, RPM, packagekit are slow and unresponsive, I know it isn't new.
  • Strange limits. The minimum partition size seems to be 2.95gb I installed it on a ~3GB partition and it didn't worked I manually removed libreoffice and esotic languages in the docs and then it worked :(
  • 930mb LiveCD. Yes I've LiveUSB and DVD rw, But couldn't you fit in 650/700mb?
  • I can't install Chromium browser on Fedora I had to trust of Fedora Russia repo because the community repo is unmaintained.
  • Alwais sharp edges: I tried several Fedora releases and everytime there is something broken, silent crash, never ending spinners.

In conclusion, I like the Fedora improvements for the experimental/mainstream experience but I raccomend it only to who has the knowledge to fix the distro problems by himself or enough free time to google the solution.