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ElementaryOS Luna Test Drive

The web is the future right? online, offline, responsive, desktop, mobile, tablet,.. WebOS, Chrome OS, Firefox OS,.. Yes, but I need an Operative System right now!

After the Gnome 2 fragmentation diaspora, I felt I bit abandoned. Gnome 3 Shell(*), Ubuntu Unity, Mate, Cinnamon,.. or custom one? No one satified me completly, specially on not so new hardware.

Play the video! (sorry for the quality)

Elementary OS running on an old netbook with intel GPU

Elementary OS Luna

It's based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and it is very fast compared to Unity/Compiz or Gnome 3.x but also more feature rich compared to other minimal Window Managers.

Bonus shortcuts: super+arrow left/right keys to change the desktop and ctrl+alt+arrows to move the window between the desktops.

You should try it!

PS: (*) Seriously, Gnome 3.10.x looks good but it is slow and it continues to be targeted to a touch device that will never exists!