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Thoughts about Meteor, React and ES6

I like to use the Meteor rendering library Blaze but it feels weird when you use it for nested components and it is sad that almost nobody use Blaze outside the MeteorJS world.

FlowRouter with Blaze and React
Examples: [FlowRouter + FlowLayout Blaze source] [FlowRouter + React source] [Leaderboard demo source] [Meteor React overlay component source]

On the other hand React and React Native from Facebook is gaining more and more popularity, the community started to share high level components and also in the Meteor community people started to use React with or without Blaze.

Which libs combo should I use for my app?

Currently I like Meteor with meteorhacks:flow-router + grigio:babel + grove:react.

Unfortunatly most 3rd part React components are packaged in a way that Meteor can’t use them like Material UI #331 (Webpack, npm,..), but you can still use Blaze component and React for your complex nested components needs.

grigio:babel is for ES6 ES7 JSX compilation niceties today, grove:react is a minimal React/addons integration for Meteor, meteorhacks:flow-router is a router which is just a router.

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