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Please an HTML5 Mobile OS with WebGL in 2013!

I'm very disapponted by lastest HTML5 Linux based Mobile OSes, they all look the same and they don't allow to access to the hardware or notifications via W3C api and this fragmentation doesn't provide a real alternative to the iOs and Android platform..
The motivation it seems to me is: "Here is the new shiny smartphone, now buy from my.. Yet Another Brand App Store".
One HTML5 standard, many stores and small incompatibilities.
The Web is the present and also the future, because it's the "Lingua Franca", an not only for the online webapps but also for offline native apps. Some open source technologies are already the best compromise.
Sencha shown you don't really need a native Facebook app on your modern smartphone, Webkit is the most used HTML5 renderer, Node/V8 Javascript is the fastest scripting language, and if you don't like javascript and css, you could also use alternatives like Coffeescript and Scss.. Anything but please I don't want to learn your lingo SDK + XML to port a simple, without hardware access, Hello World app.
Seriously do I really care of your Millions apps in your store when there is already a powerful Web platform that just have to be adapted to the mobile?
Some HTML5 half-backed Linux oses
  • OpenWebos. (ex HP WebOS) Unfortunatly it was the first with nodejs but it died. Now OpenWebos is alive but no real devices are available
  • Tizen. (ex Meego, Samsung Bada)
  • SailfishOS. (ex Meego)
  • Ubuntu Mobile. (Meego-QT-like)
  • FirefoxOS. It doesn't use webkit and its core "Firefox Mobile" works pretty well also on Android 2.3.x
  • Google Android. (2.3.x, 4.x) Unfortunatly the Chrome web browser is 4.x only
  • Google ChromeOS. This isn't half backed but it doesn't work on mobile.
  • FacebookOS. I don't know if it real but I won't need it. 
Dear smartphone manifacturers, do something revolutionary.. ship just the web please.