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Linux non è (ancora) pronto per il Desktop e GNOME potrebbe essere in Qt


derStandard.at: What do you see as the main obstacles holding back the success of the Linux desktop?

Shuttleworth: I think we don't yet deliver a good enough user experience. I think we deliver a user experience for people that have a reason to want to be on the Linux platform, either because of price or because of freedom. If that was your primary reason, Linux is the right answer.

But if you are somebody who is not too concerned about price, who is not too concerned about freedom, I don't think we can say the Linux desktop offers the very best experience. And that's something we have to change, that's something I'm committed to work on, focusing increasing amounts of resources of Canonical on figuring out on how we actually move the desktop experience forward to compete with Mac OS X.


Dopo il profeta(Richard Stallman), il tecnico(Linus Torvalds), ci voleva proprio un pragmatico(Mark Shuttleworth) per chiudere il cerchio.
Se volete davvero sapere quali sono le strade percorribili per un "Linux Desktop" leggetevi questa intervista (in inglese).