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iDeneb Hackintosh 10.5.6 vs Ubuntu Linux 9.04 a6 Benchmarks

Here a comparison for testing/educational only purpose about some "Real World" micro-benchmark on iDeneb v1.4 OSX86 and the upcoming Ubuntu Linux 9.04


CPU: Intel Core Duo E8400 @ 3.0Ghz
MB: Asus P5Q
Graphic Card: Radeon 4850 @ 1920x1200

OSX86 Customizations

BIOS firmware 2002 Juzzi
ATL1e ethernet driver
ALC 1200 audio driver
Radeon Hd 48x0 drivers + Natit

Ubuntu Customizations

Catalyst fglrx 8.6
Metacity with composite

Tested Software

Firefox 3.0.7 -safe-mode
Safari Webkit current
Chromium (Open Source Chrome unreleased)

Bold wins

Time from Bootloader to Desktop

OSX86:    28s
Ubuntu: 1:20 28s but 45s (with fglrx)

Nexuiz quality ultimate average FPS (min,max)

"timedemo demos/demo1"

lin 73 (38,117)
mac 46 (22,82)

Browser scroll Benchmark Fullscreen (Milliseconds)

from here

mac safari     997
mac firefox  1630
lin firefox   1294
chrom mac 1726
chrom lin 1080

Browser Google V8 Benchmark (Total Score)

from here

mac safari   266
mac firefox 222
lin firefox 217
mac chrom 742
lin chrom 3322