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Dear Linux fanboyz..

just in case you're too fanatic to observe with your own eyes, Gnome already COPIES (and will continue) a lot of GUIs from Mac OS X (Windows 7 did it, too with the new dock).

Mac copies Spaces from ol' style Unixes, Internet Explorer and Safari copies tabs from Firefox.. so who cares?

I'm not a lawyer, but I think that if a feature is smart is a good thing to reimplement it.

If you can't understand that, PLEASE stop spreading nonsense like:

GUIs: Fuck off. I'd rather type a command than perform a hundred clicks to do something, and I don't like UIs botching my configuration files. I want to be able to understand, see and fix what's wrong, to script, to use regular expressions to select (not Ctrl+clicking like an idiot), etc.

Can you drawing, video editing,.. with CLI?

Time machine: Screw off, rsync is perfect. There's also unison, and some UIs for these. What else do you want? A "pres butan make bakup lolol" application?

Rsync scans everytime recursively the files before the transfer! With a lot small files it is more the time if waste in the scan that not in the transfer.

Linux has backup tools also. Linux has tons of image viewers (wtf is with you pointing out macosx's image viewer?)

The problem is tons. Shouldn't A viewer for common docs like audio, video, pdf, text be better?

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