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Compiling Textmate 2 open source on Mac OS X 10.7

The popular Text Editor Textmate 2 is now open source (GPL-3) it means that you can download it via Github and compile it by yourself. This move could make Textmate 2 again popular versus other editors like Sublime Text 2 (open source poll), vim or Gedit -osx, we'll see.

Setup and compile Textmate via brew

Brew is a very popular package manager for open source sources on osx, if you don't have it already install it immediatly!
A big dependency issue I had is LLVM Clang-3.2 compiler, it should work with "brew install --HEAD llvm --with-clang", but I had problems with it so I had to install Xcode 4.4.1 which doesn't provide an old version of clang.

clang apart, the commands to have a TextMate.app are quite simple:

# setup

brew install ragel boost multimarkdown hg ninja proctools
git clone https://github.com/textmate/textmate.git
cd textmate

If you have all the dependencies at the right place you can procede

ninja TextMate

and you will find the TextMate.app inside $HOME/build/TextMate/Application/TextMate directory.