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GrapheneOS is READY for your mother, aka Google Android alternative apps

GrapheneOS is Android without the Play Store and Google spywares services with security and privacy enhancements. Now with the Google Playstore sandbox you can have a compatible smartphone and a secure smartphone at the same time.

Why should I want a non-Android, non-iOS

TLDR; The states are changing your smartphone in a modern 24h 360 camera surveillance tool "to save the children" or whatever reason the mainstream propaganda say.

So you have just 2 options: Use only Free/OpenSource technologies or use NO technologies

Which alternative apps can I use on GrapheneOS without the Play Store ?

Messaging: alternative to Facebook, Whatsapp,..

  • Session (it doesn't require a telephone number as ID)
  • Telegram also works

NB: On GrapheneOS without Play Services there is no notification service GCM so every app should manage it indipendently with a background service or polling.

Contacts, calendar, todo list, photo syncronization

  • Nexcloud server, Davx5, Syncthing

Maps: alternative to Google Maps

  • Organic Maps, it works offline and support GPX tracks import

Text to Speech TTS, Speech to Text services

Mail: alternative to GMail

Smart Home app

  • Home Assistant (it requires server side configuration and compatible devices)

Social: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter alternative

  • The browser: Brave android is installable via apk
  • Amethyst nostr (it doesn't require a telephone number as ID and it doesn't depend on a single server admin)
  • NewPipe alternative YouTube client with download and background play

RSS reader

  • Read You, to follow updates with the social


Wireguard and Orbot TOR

Will my Bank,Digital ID app work on GrapheneOS ?

Probably yes, some apps depend on notifications from the Play Services but can install it a separate sandbox isolated profile.

How do I start?

GrapheneOS has a convient web installer usb: start here


Remember to backup your important data because your smartphone will be Factory Reset to install the new operating system.

PS: You do not have a Google Pixel smartphone you can try LineageOS, it has less security features but it is more compatible with other smartphone brands.

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