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10 features that Win98 has and GNOME lacks

Here some unresolved, unconsidered, unfixed features that Windows 98 has and GNOME Desktop doesn't.
Gnome would like to be the most user friendly desktop but these are long-time user requested feature.. and some of them still dosn't have an answer on Bugzilla.

I don't say that the feature to "resize an icon" is useless but probably GNOME needs a better priority managing on usability issues.
Every week I see on Digg a "10 issues that GNOME.." news and many GNOME user are interesting about KDE4, that is coming,.. So corporations are important but also the userbase..

File Browsing

  • to get a useful autocompletion in Nautilus location bar
  • to have a compact list view
  • select multiple files in a list view only with the mouse
  • create a new file in a list view only with mouse


  • to share a folder via it's own property dialog
  • to have black font on the icon description on the desktop
  • undo a move/rename action (#167501)


  • to use ALT+F4 to close applications and desktop session
  • to have a confirmation when you press CANC (#316807)


  • drag and drop a shortcut into the application menu