Compiling Textmate 2 open source on Mac OS X 10.7

The popular Text Editor Textmate 2 is now open source (GPL-3) it means that you can download it via Github and compile it by yourself. This move could make Textmate 2 again popular versus other editors like Sublime Text 2 (open source poll), vim or Gedit -osx, we'll see.

Setup and compile Textmate via brew

Brew is a very popular package manager for open source sources on osx, if you don't have it already install it immediatly!
A big dependency issue I had is LLVM Clang-3.2 compiler, it should work with "brew install --HEAD llvm --with-clang", but I had problems with it so I had to install Xcode 4.4.1 which doesn't provide an old version of clang.

clang apart, the commands to have a are quite simple:

# setup

brew install ragel boost multimarkdown hg ninja proctools
git clone
cd textmate

If you have all the dependencies at the right place you can procede

ninja TextMate

and you will find the inside $HOME/build/TextMate/Application/TextMate directory.