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I'm locked out from the cloud ( Openshift )

I really like Paas: Heroku, Openshift and the new Docker, but currently I can't access anymore via ssh to a remote app on Openshift.

$ rhc ssh -a testrb                                                                                            ⬆ ◼
Password: ********
Connecting to 51b481fde0b8cdb5a9000467@testrb-grigio.rhcloud.com ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/oo-trap-user", line 266, in <module>
    os.execv(cmd, [cmd] + allargs)
OSError: [Errno 7] Argument list too long
Connection to testrb-grigio.rhcloud.com closed.

Unfortunatly the only way to access again seems to be the human intervetion from a Redhat guy, but fortunatly it was a test app and not real production data was involved.