Xmp Manager

Xmp Manager is a GUI to manage XMP metadatas on GNU/Linux.

Currently XmpManager is a very experimental software and it could not work as expected. The features implemented are minimal.
Why should I use metadatas?
Metadatas permit to attach more info to your files, ex. description, author, coordinates.. This datas are embedded in the image file, so you won't lose them even if you'll upload the image on a website or you will burn this image on a DVD. 

Here a screencast.

Why should I use XMP?

  • XMP is an extensible schema (proposed by Adobe) so your EXIF, IPTC, JFIF,.. metadatas could still live XMP. the main advantage is that it is extensible and xml based so if you need more fields you haven't reinvent the wheel, or another incompatible standard, but just a new schema.
  • XMP is the embedded preferred format for the Creative Common Licence. (in italiano)
  • XMP is filetype-indipendent, it supports JPEG, PSD, TIFF, AVI, WAV, MPEG, MP3, MOV (via XMP Toolkit version 4.0)


It support 'title', 'description', 'creator' fields (but It is very easy to add new fields)
It writes metadatas on-the-fly
It support multiple image editing

Installation & info

More notes  about Xmp Manager on Launchpad.
You can download latest Xmp Manager on Github
Xmp Manager 0.4
Xmp Manager 0.3
Xmp Manager 0.2
Xmp Manager 0.1

There isn't an installation yet, you need ruby-gnome2, exiftool and nautilus-actions(optional but very raccomanded).

For Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl ruby-gnome2 nautilus-actions

An set Nautilus-actions similar to this:

Ideas for the future

There are many things that is possible to do, the priority is a complete xmp fields support and then the selection of the tags(keywords) in the folder with checkboxes.

Embedded geotagging via Google Maps is for 1.0


  • If the image path has a whitespace ' ' it doesn't load the image
  • .. but now we're just brainstorming, It's not a priority now

Notes about metadatas around us

Xmp implementations
Windows Vista is among us, even if I don't plan to migrate to Vista, but Windows Vista Photo Gallery is very well done and probably is the only killer app I see (The unique thing that Beryl can't do :D).
F-Spot and other OSS tools still don't implement XMP in a user friendly way.

Xmp and Flickr
Flick supports import EXIF, but it doesn't export anything so your geotagged photos with coords and description will be locked in Flickr forever, think about it!



Il progetto è morto? vedo che l'ultimo aggiornamento risale a tre anni fa (jantury).

Sì, lo sviluppo è fermo.

Sì, lo sviluppo è fermo. Se qualcuno è interessato può forkarlo su github e portarlo avanti.

Why do you put this strange

Why do you put this strange spam "Passforsure offers you highest quality brain dump to help you spice up your 000-200 learning and pass your 1z0-051 exam in first try." on your website? It looks like your website got infected by malware.

Thanks for the report

No, it was an experiment.

XMP viewer for Windows XP Pro/Vista - free - very promising


You may not have to code for Vista

Just found this while looking to check on a few files into which I'd written XMP data with exiv2 and other programs.

I only have the softpedia link to the download. The authors (LogicMighty in the UK) seem not to want to link freeware to their company's homepage. Softpedia rates it OK for Vista.

It's called XMP Explorer.


For anyone who's squeamish about downloading, and installing software from, an MSI, I will only say that, as far as I can tell, this doesn't install or start any Services in Windows XP Pro SP3. I scanned the list in Admin Tools>Services and I saw nothing there any different from before I installed this software. Vista users' mmv.

Hope this helps some of your visitors.


Per caritá

Mi dica, per piacere, come faccio a instalare il vostro software su un aparecchio con Ubuntu. É proprio necessario di fare il configure-make-make install?, o c'è un altro modo che non capisco? Si capisce, non sono proprio bravo.

Non bisogna fare ./configure

Non bisogna fare ./configure e make install,.. basta usare il deb da questo repository

Fedora 9

In Fedora 9 "ruby" is not installed by default. To have xmp-manager working you should install the programs listed above AND ruby ! Using yum it's a joke


Hi Luigi,

You have developed a great tool! So far I haven't found a single decent GUI for ExifTool, and XMP-Manager fills that gap.

I took the liberty of fixing a few bugs:
* can process paths with spaces now
* fixed a small bug regarding null values in the textboxes of non existant tag

I also added some extra features:
* processing of creationdate, city, sublocation, province, country, and rating tags
* timeshift feature (not implemented yet)
* set common tags based on the iTag website recommendations
* added an OK button which saves all changes at once rather than launching many threads when editing multiple fields on multiple files.
* added a Cancel button to abandon changes
* added a list of selected files that will be changed
* added an indicator to show fields that will be changed upon saving

I don't have a github account so I took the liberty of uploading the new code to Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/digiwf

Xmp Manager fork

I'm happy you liked Xmp Manager. I'm registered on Lauchpad too but I prefer Git (over bazaar).
If you fork Xmp Manager on Github is easier to follow the changes each other, anyway you are free to host your project where you prefer.

DigiWf - XMP Manager

Hi there!

I did not get around to forking your project on GitHub, but I was able to add a few new features to your code.

I think you might find the Google Maps geocoding preview tool the most interesting (well it was the most fun for me!).
It is a bit of a hack, but at least it gets some decent GPS coordinates for most addresses I enter into my tags...

Have fun,


This is an awesome, awesome

This is an awesome, awesome program. Now that Windows Vista supports tagging images, photos, songs, mp3s, etc, this is a good tool for linux.



Thanks for making this.
Hopefully we will see a bug fix release soon?
Maybe this can be included in distos when it stable. It would be a relay nice additions.


It would be nice to close keywords bug. I rely need UTF8 and space for tagging this.

And one more think. Don't you need to add keywords like this:
-xmp:subject="SomeKW1" -xmp:subject="SomeKW2"
instead of:
-xmp:subject="SomeKW1, SomeKW2"
I don't have any tagged photo with "non free" applications so I am not sure, but I know that f-spot uses first method, so that keywords are added one by one. Again. I am not sure, I need a sample tagged photo with some "standard" application.

digicam will support XMP. It is good idea to have some king of contact between this two projects. It looks like digicam will be the best on linux in this area.

I know

I know spaces, utf8 and the "autosave" are the most annoying bug.
I'll fix them in the next release.
I saw that f-spot doesn't like comma-separated tags, I'll look also digicam to be as much compatible as possible.
Thanks for the feedback.

Which filetype does XMP Manager support?

I think it would be interesting that you explain which filetypes does XMP manager support now and which ones will it support eventually.

BTW, I'm specially interested in PDF (which is supported by XMP).

Thanks for your help,


File supported


Pdf is not supported, afaik only Adobe toolkit and Exempi should support PDF but I don't know how.