Top 5 Atom Editor features and tweaks

The Atom text-editor is the best practise of the text editors. You can keep it simple or you can tweak it like and IDE. The choice is yours.
Atom with Darkmate theme

Open Source, modular and multiplatform

Programming languages and text editors have to evolve together, so Open Source and a modular architecture are the keys to “almost fit one size for all”.
Atom is also based on Chromium web browser so it is a known performant and multiplatform base.

Package Manager and apm

VIM, Emacs may be extensible (via unknown languages) and may have 3rd party package managers. Atom has a package manager built-in and it is extensible via javascript/coffeescript. What you imagine from a modern text editor.
The plugin can be enabled or disabled without restart.

Theme & Font

Darkmate per Gedit prerelease

Ecco Gedit della serie 2.19 con il tema Darkmate

Gedit 2.18

Gedit 2.19/2.20

Il tema è disponibile qui, ma è tutt'altro che definitivo.