Hi, i'm Luigi Maselli a full-stack web developer consultant from Torino, Italy.

My Side-Projects


An application to explore which Uber kind of services are activated in your city

Spese INPS

Un'applicazione che usa gli OpenData dell' INPS e permette di filtrare le voci di interesse

Distretto Produttivo

Un'applicazione che usa gli OpenData dell'ISTAT per mostrare le attività produttive su una mappa


Weuse is a users-on-a-map project with geohash and built for MeteorJS users..


#trenzi è un Social Media Monitor sul Governo di Matteo Renzi (@matteorenzi) con Smart Buzz Sentiment Analisys™.


No-Registration chat with optional precise geolocalization

Place Finder

Explore the tweets nearby

Meteor Shell

A basic production terminal in the browser

My knowledge identity card

Technology Side

  • Web server: Nginx, Apache
  • Languages & C.: Ruby, Javascript / Node.JS, GoLang, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks: MeteorJS, Ruby on Rails, Express.JS
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis
  • OS: GNU/Linux (Debian / Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Android, IOS, FirefoxOS
  • PaaS: Docker, Heroku, OpenShift
  • Web APIs / Services: Google Maps, Openstreetmap, Twitter, Facebook, geolocalization
  • Monitoring: Sensu, fluentd

Customer Side

  • Advertising: AdSense / AdWords
  • UX / UI: Responsive and KISS (Keep it simple 'n stupid)
  • Business optimization: SEO, Marketing conversion analisys
  • Business Models: freemium, adv, marketplace

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