Hi, i'm Luigi Maselli a full-stack web developer consultant from Torino, Italy.

My Side-Projects

Expo2015 Monitor

Everything about #Epo2015 Milano in realtime


Check your sight with a smartphone and a screen

Spese Expo2015 Milano

Expo2015 opendata based on openexpo dataset


An application to explore which Uber kind of services are activated in your city

Spese INPS

Un'applicazione che usa gli OpenData dell' INPS e permette di filtrare le voci di interesse

Distretto Produttivo

Un'applicazione che usa gli OpenData dell'ISTAT per mostrare le attività produttive su una mappa


Weuse is a users-on-a-map project with geohash and built for MeteorJS users..


#trenzi è un Social Media Monitor sul Governo di Matteo Renzi (@matteorenzi) con Smart Buzz Sentiment Analisys™.


No-Registration chat with optional precise geolocalization

Place Finder

Explore the tweets nearby

Meteor Shell

A basic production terminal in the browser

My knowledge identity card

Technology Side

  • Web server: Nginx, Apache
  • Languages & C.: Ruby, Javascript / Node.JS, GoLang, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks: MeteorJS, Ruby on Rails, Express.JS
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis
  • OS: GNU/Linux (Debian / Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Android, IOS, FirefoxOS
  • PaaS: Docker, Heroku, OpenShift
  • Web APIs / Services: Google Maps, Openstreetmap, Twitter, Facebook, geolocalization
  • Monitoring: Sensu, fluentd

Customer Side

  • Advertising: AdSense / AdWords
  • UX / UI: Responsive and KISS (Keep it simple 'n stupid)
  • Business optimization: SEO, Marketing conversion analisys
  • Business Models: freemium, adv, marketplace

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